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Our beginnings

Relish was founded in 2015 by Emily Sargeantson and Claire Burn. They have over 15 years’ digital learning experience between them, having started their careers at LINE Communications. They’ve created bespoke online learning programmes for organisations such as Volvo, Atkins and the NHS.

“We founded Relish to create a place that brings people together to make awesome online learning experiences. But that’s only part of it. We’ve created a company that has a positive impact on our local community, has strong links with our local universities and offers interesting opportunities for people to get experience in our sector.”

Emily Sargeantson and Claire Burn – Directors and Co-Founders

How we do it

Relishers are an awesome bunch of experienced learning designers, project managers, developers and graphic designers. But we’re more than our job titles.

We care about you

We care about your experience as much as the experience of the people we’re designing for. We flex and adapt our processes to support you.

We challenge

We ask questions, challenge assumptions and suggest new ways of doing things. We challenge ourselves to make each project better than the last.

We are positive

We enjoy building relationships with people we work with and having fun. We find solutions quickly, come up with creative ideas easily and make abstract connections.

We are commercially minded

We care about results for you and your business. From big strategic results, to results for your staff, to results for you personally.

We learn

We love learning and we bring that passion to every project. The more we understand about the context, project and details, the more effective our solutions are.

We collaborate

When we work with you, we’re a team. We want your input, feedback, ideas. We share openly and honestly and like it when you do too.

If we’re the kind of people you’d like to work with…

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